Essential Piano Mantras


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“Essential Piano mantra” project
Simple reiterative patterns dedicated to the 7 chakras, played on the piano at 60 bpm. The musical tool you need during your breathing, pranayama or general concentration practice. It can also be useful during repetitive activities such as running.

I practice yoga every damn day.
During a Pranayama routine I found out I always need 3 supports:
– a metronome app: it gives me the right 60 bpm interval to count seconds in each inhale/exhale sequence
– a timer: it tells me how long I must stay on each exercise
-music: it creates the right relaxing atmosphere I need
I composed and played something that could help people to summarize the 3 previous supports in only one: that’s the way the “Essential piano mantras” project was born.

Each piano mantra is a repetitive harmonic sequence played at 60 bpm so I can count the seconds by following the piano notes instead of the boring metronome.
Each piano mantra is modulated on the inner mood and meaning of a different Chakra so you can have a complete breathing experience starting from “the Earth below” and finishing at the “Higher self” simply by let the music change at the right time without the necessity to count seconds or cycle or watch a clock.
All the yoga music is full of beautiful “colors” and sounds but they are also a distraction: that’s the reason why each piano mantra is almost unchanging: this lets you easily concentrate on the breath.

I recorded the 7 “Essential piano mantras” and I started to use this album as a tool during my pranayama routine: its positive effects and enhancement of my breathing/meditation experience persuaded me to share and spread my work into the Yogi community.
Unexpectedly I found out an improvement also in other training, such as running.
That’s because of the recurring sound.


1 – I Exist            (I Chakra)

2 – I Feel             (II Chakra)

3 – I Act               (III Chakra)

4 – I Love            (IV Chakra)

5 – I Speak          (V Chakra)

6– I See               (VI Chakra)

7 – I Know          (VII Chakra)

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